Paint Ball package

Some call it a man’s obsession with things that go “Boom”. Others blame our childish antics, playing Cops and Robbers while we grew up. Here at Lavish Life; we just say its guys doing what guys bloody well like; and that’s shooting each other with 500 pallets of paint balls.

Package includes:

  • Party Bus collection of your group from an inner city  metropolitan area to first function space
  • 500 paint ball pallets, enough to make any man happy
  • 2 hour game time, in largest indoor paintball facility
  • Party Bus collection of your group to second function space
  • Private use of function space for next 2 hours
  • Unlimited beer and wine for the next 2 hours
  • Tasty and freshly prepared canapés over the next 2 hours
  • Service by gorgeous lingerie waitresses for the next 2 hours
  • 1 hot strip show, for your Bucks group viewing pleasure
  • Party Bus Transport to our partner Strip Club
  • Free VIP entrance for your entire bucks group


Paintballing Package Prices