F.A.Q and Terms & Conditions



Q) How is payment arranged?

A) We accept payments via EFT, bank transfers and credit cards over the phone. All payments will receive a confirmation receipt and booking number for reference.

Q) When is payment required for functions?

A) Once deposit is paid and booking is made/secured, full payment is required at 2 weeks before your Bucks date.

Q) Is a deposit required when making a booking?

A) Yes; all packages will require a deposit to secure in the date. This deposit will come off the final amount.

Q) How do I make a booking?

A) You can make it either by phone or email, whatever you prefer.

Q) What do I need to do before making a booking?

A) Booking is simple: Select your date, make a deposit, send out invites and get RSVPs, finalize your numbers and pay the remainder.

Q) What sort of finger food do you provide during the night?

A) Lavish Life will provide a variety of freshly prepared Canapés. Finger food options always vary each night and will vary according to our chef’s creativity.

Q) Can I arrange a custom Bucks Party through Lavish Life?

A) Lavish Life offer a Variety of Bucks parties, that suit groups with different interest. Our specialty however, is organising custom Bucks Parties for your entire group, to make it one of the most memorable nights with the boys.



Terms & Conditions – Functions and Packages

Lavish Life wishes to advise you of the following Terms & Conditions in relation to our functions and packages held at our venues, the hiring of a Private Stripper or a topless waitress. Guests must be over the age of 18 years old and must be able to provide I.D to guarantee entry.

A deposit is required to secure a booking and private lounge. The total outstanding amount is to be settled 2 weeks prior to your event.

All packages and private lounges are subject to availability. Lingerie waitresses are provided for the entire duration of time your in the private lounge and are assigned according to the size of your group. Extras may be requested and we are happy to customise a package suited to you however additional costs may apply.

A 3% surcharge applies for all Visa and Mastercard credit card payments.


Refund Policy – Functions and Packages

1. The hirer may cancel their booking within 7 days of payment of the deposit, and receive their deposit back in full less the administration fee (20% of the deposit).

2. If the hirer cancels their booking after 7 days of booking, their deposit will not be refunded.

3. If the hirer cancels their booking within 14 days prior to the date, the full hire amount is to be paid by the hirer.

4. If the hirer books within 14 days of the booking date, then cancels, the hirer will forfeit the deposit in full.

5. For late payment a penalty fee may apply. This will be up to the discretion of Lavish Life.

6. Administration fee applies to cancellations and is usually calculated at 20% of deposit made.


Terms & Conditions – Private Strippers and Waitresses

Terms and Conditions of booking our entertainers.

You must be over the age of 18 to make a booking and hire our entertainment.

Our aim is to provide quality entertainment to our customers, however we must first and foremost ensure a safe work environment for our girls.
Upon booking your entertainment you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions. You cannot touch our staff inappropriately.

Our strippers may allow guided touching ie.thighs, buttocks, or breasts. This choice is up to the individual entertainer and you may only touch the areas the stripper directs you to touch during the entertainment.

Please note as the performers are highly booked out on Fridays & Saturdays the time you book will always be approximate.

You cannot be obscene or insult the performers in any way.

We will not provide x-rated shows.

You may be required to provide a room for the entertainer to change into her costume. If you are planning your entertainer to be a surprise, please let us know when booking. We will organise the performer to be in costume upon arrival.

You are required to pay your entertainer in cash when they arrive, before the show/service commences.


Refund Policy – Private Strippers and Waitresses

If you have paid your deposit, and it is confirmed by our staff member and you decide to cancel your booking for any reason such as “change of mind” or “event is not going a head” after paying your deposit, you will forfeit your deposit.