Some Amazing Ideas for Your Bucks Party

The best bucks parties are always filled with fun memories. Everyone should have a smile on their face whenever they look back to the events of that day. Bachelor’s parties are intended to honor the groom and celebrate his life before getting married. It typically brings close friends together to share some laughs, reminisce on good times and make new fun memories. If you are planning on getting married very soon, here are some ideas for you to consider for your bachelor’s party.


Yes, another Strip Club. WTF did you think?

This is entirely your decision as the best man as you know what the groom will be into. He may feel like spoiling yourself a little bit on the eve of your wedding. Many of your close bucks may feel like a bachelor’s party is not complete without a night at the strip club. If this is the case, then you can either go out to a strip club or hire some exotic dancers to come to your apartment, or hotel.


Wine and dine bucks party

A wine and dine bucks package? If you are very reserved and do not really feel like having the bachelor’s party at the strip club another way of making fun memories is to organize a party with your close friends with great food and booze or head out somewhere to wine and then. You can follow up the meals with some laughs and talk sh*t as that’s what we all do when we are tanked. Then after that you are probably going to get a few bags and hit the strip clubs. Don’t say you’re not because then you are full of sh*t.

Get Sporty and see who is the biggest jock out of the group

You may be a very competitive person. You and your friends may have a shared interest for sports and athletics. If this is the case, you can organize a mini sports tournament, print customized jerseys and make plans for booze after the sporting activities. Sports like Basketball, Football (Soccer), Volleyball, Golf etc are some of the best picks for bachelor’s parties. Then there will probably be that guy who has a few drinks and thinks he is in the UFC but just like Francis Ngannou, give him a minute and he will be out of breath and back to reality.

If you are more passive in sports and just enjoy watching. You can all contribute to get a box at a stadium and watch the big game. Then seedy Sam will pull out the bags and before you know it you are at the strippers.


Bucks Boat Cruise

Hire a boat, get the waitresses, get the food and brings ready and then you can figure out the rest. No need to go into detail on this one. I can see the smile on seedy Sam’s face from here.

Hit the Crown casino and lose/win lots of money

You may desire a night of fun and thrills. A visit to a very nice night club followed by a visit to the casinos might just be what you need. You can organize these visits yourself and get restricted from accessing some exclusive clubs and certain areas in the Casino or you can get a party planner like Lavish Life to assist you in putting together a memorable night. After you guys get bored look for seedy Sam he always has a few bags on him and always comes prepared, and yes, you will 99.99% end up at Gold Fingers, Centrefold or Mens Gallery. Just make sure that if you decide it’s a good idea to head out to Gotham you have a good crew to pull you away, keep your head screwed on and suggest Pink Palace the cheaper alternative, or Dudley Street if you hit rock bottom. Calm down we are taking the piss! Lol! Or are we?

Outdoor Bachelor’s Parties

You may want to go on a hike with your close buddies; surviving the woods or you may just want to enjoy nature while having a great time with your close friends before your big day. If the strip club is not your thing and you feel like experience the serene atmosphere of nature then this might just be for you.

You can choose from a wide variety of classy outdoor activities like, bungee jumping, climbing, camping, hiking, hang gliding, skydiving, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, skydiving and parasailing. You can close the day round a bonfire like boy scouts waiting for a wild grizzly to come and violate you. Bulsh*t we all know the bags are coming out and you are going to end up at the strippers you sly dog you.

Visit Exotic Cities/destinations

You may choose to embark on a brief trip to some exotic destinations where you can unwind, do some sightseeing, dine in fine restaurants, take plenty Champaign, get chauffeured rides and visit the spa, and get trashed with lots of booze and bags and strippers rofl.

Look at the end of the day just make sure you are with the right people, you can get messed up to your hearts desire but do not do anything you are going to regret later. A bucks party is not a free ticket to harm yourself and others and most importantly your soulmate. We are pretty sure, and hoping most of you lads have done what you wanted to do when you are single and are now hanging up the boots to enjoy a wonderful new chapter in your life. Marriage is a beautiful thing and starting a family is even more beautiful. Wish you all the best! Now where is seedy Sam?